Our Church Group Traveled in Style

I decided to hire a bus charter for our church recently when we decided to head out of the city for a day of fun in the countryside. Everyone thought using a bus might be a bit too much, but I thought differently. We have several elderly members of the church and I didn’t feel comfortable making them take a long drive out of the city. We thought about filling up cars with people, but I worried about people getting lost and then having the whole day ruined. Better to just charter a bus and get everyone there at the same time.

The problem I had revolved around finding the right company to hire. There are many chartering services in the city, but not all of them provide a quality service. I remembered using a service several years ago that turned into a nightmare due to several factors. The driver was late, didn’t have the right directions, and the event didn’t come off well because all of us arrived hours after it started. I knew I needed to do my homework this time around in order to get the best service possible. The company I went with turned out to be excellent.

The first thing I noticed is how well the company treated me when I reached out to them. They asked a lot of questions about the event and location in order to make sure there would be no mistakes when it came time for the bus to ferry all of us outside the city. The bus itself looked like something out of a cool science fiction film. The bus had amenities I didn’t even think existed in a vehicle. The group sure loved the ride and it didn’t even feel like we were in a vehicle as we arrived at our destination. This company is excellent.